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· 3 min read

We are delighted to announce the release of our article, titled "Zero Knowledge Virtual Machine: Step by Step", authored by Prof. Tim Dokchitser and Aleksandr Bulkin. The article offers a comprehensive step-by-step introduction to building a complete zero-knowledge VM, and providing a detailed guide to understanding and implementing them effectively.

Non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs are a relatively recent innovation in cryptography, popularized due to their applications in the web3 space. As the ADAPT team was working to build up our understanding of zkVM implementations and their associated security assumptions and risks, we quickly realized that a single introductory resource into the engineering of full-featured zkVMs was missing. After having done sufficient research and reading through multiple disparate sources of information, we decided to share our findings with the community by writing a detailed article that synthesizes multiple sources and concepts into a hollistic picture that is both gradual and sufficiently detailed, so as to be helpful to the beginners in this space aiming to understand under-the-hood functionality of zkVMs.